"Today your exit is history,
a receding roar,
but I was there that afternoon,
felt the world wilt
under the weight
of atoms and searing sunlight.
I watched your last breath
crumble in on itself, and
you evaporate."


FitP Poet Highlight 2/82: Terresa Wellborn, “Welcoming the Epilogue,” Inscape (Winter 2011)

Terresa’s voice is distinctive, clear, and strong and her phrasing is often striking. Notice, for instance, the alliteratives that hold this stanza together and that propel the tongue toward climax: the r’s, th’s, w’s, s’s, c’s. And though her line and her poems are short, her language turns new light on her subjects and leaves me rethinking my own language and my own experience. And that is what I think poetry, in part, should do.

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