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I have the greatest respect for each of the poets I invited to be a part of Fire in the Pasture. So when I hear they’re happy with the book, I get a little giddy. Because, hey, if the poets (brooding lot that we are) are happy, well, something must be very right with the world.

Here’s what two contributors, Darlene and Deja, have said recently:

Darlene: Fire in the Pasture is “huge, and amazing, and I’m sure it will be used as a textbook for [Mormon literature] classes in the future (besides being a fantastic addition to any personal library—right?).”


Deja: Fire in the Pasture is “beautiful. I don’t mean that my poems are beautiful, I mean the book itself, as an object, is gorgeous. If you’re so inclined to see what’s going on in contemporary Mormon poetry (and how could you not be?! ;), I recommend this book.”

Huge. Amazing. Beautiful. Gorgeous. All synonymous with poetry.


Fire in the Pasture is such a treasure-house of riches that it deserves all of the attention it can garner—and as many readers as possible… .

[It’s] not a volume to be read in a day, or a week, or perhaps in a month or longer. Page after page reveals fruits to be tasted, savored, lingered over, and transmuted into ideas and images that may change lives. Each reader will discover favorites that speak directly to the individual’s mind and heart … . [A]t one point or another, with one poem or another, the anthology is likely to feed any hunger, resonate with any need.


- Michael R. Collings—author, poet, literary critic, and bibliographer, and a former professor of creative writing and literature at Pepperdine University—in his short review (Fire's first), “Fire in the Pasture: Gleaning After the Harvest”